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Orders come with a FREE standard delivery option by default. This is the Royal Mail 48 fully tracked service which will arrive within 2-3 working days.

You can also upgrade the delivery of your orders by selecting Express Delivery at checkout. These orders are sent on a Royal Mail 24 fully tracked service, meaning your item will arrive the next working day provided that you’ve completed your purchase by 10pm.

If any items in your order are individually valued at £750 and above, they will be automatically upgraded to a Royal Mail Special Delivery service at no extra cost.

All orders come with FREE standard delivery. We’ll aim to dispatch your items as quickly as possible once you’ve completed your transaction. You’ll receive your order within 3-7 working days of it being dispatched.

Please be advised that delivery times exclude UK public Bank Holidays.

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”cn605650w” title=”What is your quality guarantee?”]

We guarantee that all of our products will be in perfect playing condition when dispatched to you.

If you receive a product which does not meet this guarantee, please contact us and we’ll either refund you or provide a replacement, stock dependent.

For full details of our quality guarantee, please consult our Terms and Conditions.

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”25d2mqwhbm” title=”How can I pay for my order?”]

You can complete a transaction through the MobisPhones Store using one of the following payment methods:

  • A UK registered debit or credit card
  • PayPal

We accept all major UK debit or credit cards .Update

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”popkaszp1q” title=”Can I cancel my order?”]

You’re able to cancel your order up to the point of it reaching our dispatch process. If you want to cancel your order, we’d advise contacting us as quickly as possible.

You can cancel your order by contacting our Customer Service Team.

Once your order has reached our dispatch process, we won’t be able to cancel it.

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We offer up to 12 month warranty with every item we sell to give you extra peace of mind. Your FREE warranty begins on the day you place your order.

To return your item, please complete the following steps:

  • Find the relevant order in My Account
  • Click on “return item”
  • Select the device you wish to return (if there are multiple devices on the order, you’ll have to generate a separate returns label for each one)
  • Select the reason for the return from the drop-down list
  • Click “confirm return”
  • Download the returns label, print it, attach it to your parcel and drop it off at your nearest post office.

Before returning your device, please ensure the following are removed:

  • All security and parental locks
  • Your SIM card
  • Memory card
  • Your iCloud / Samsung / Google account

If you’ve returned a device that is still locked to an iCloud / Samsung / Google account, we won’t be able to process the return straight away. We’ll send you an email to let you know that your device is still locked along with some instructions on how to do this remotely.

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”xn8609ffyb” title=”When will I receive a refund or replacement?”]

If you’ve returned a item to us, we’ll notify you via email once the consignment that contains your parcel has been scanned into our warehouse. Once your return has been allocated to our returns team, it will then be ran through a series of fault diagnosis tests.

We aim to refund or replace all Tech items within 2-3 working days of having received them. Please note that this can sometimes take a little longer, especially during busy periods.

For all of our returns outcomes and actions, we’ll keep you up to date via email.

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”87hyj0mxa” title=”Are returns free?”]

If an item you’ve received is faulty or incorrect, we’ll provide you with a FREE returns label so you can send it back to us.

If you’d like to return a item because it’s simply unwanted or no longer needed, you’ll be responsible for covering the cost of the return.

Any returns can be done from My Account. Simply find the order in your order history, choose the reason for the return and generate a FREE returns label.

All returns are handled by our Customer Service Team, so please contact them if you’d like to enquire about the return of product.

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”00q2gr753c” title=”What is your privacy policy?”]

At MobisPhones, we take the security of your information extremely seriously. All personal details are treated as strictly confidential, stored in a secure fashion and used solely for the purposes related to the use of

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”mbmwqkuush” title=”Can I have a separate delivery address to my billing address?”]

Yes. If you would like your goods to be delivered to a different address other than your billing address, please fill in all the information at check out. If you choose a different billing address to delivery address, we may require further information about your order. Please ensure you have filled in all contact information. Should our customer service department need to call you for further information they will email you in advance. Please note, your billing address must match the address which your card is registered, or the payment will decline.

[/cmsmasters_tab][cmsmasters_tab shortcode_id=”o5y395xilc” title=”The product I want is out of stock. When will it become available again?”]

The listings on the store front are being constantly updated throughout the day.

If you’ve missed out on a product, there’s a very good chance that it’ll become available again very soon – keep checking back!

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